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Men’s Jewelry?

Hey stylish sexy boys,

I’m looking for some cool (not obnoxiously flamboyant) jewelry. I’m not sure what. Maybe something for the wrist? Or a necklace?

Anyone have any good sites to buy such stuff? Let me know here or shoot me a message!

Thanks loves,


  1. youcanuseme answered: budha to budha is an amazing brand and has some real nice bracelets (it an tough edge)
  2. indianagayguy answered: whoah. so much there.
  3. avantgardehautecouture answered: topman
  4. livefastxdieyoungxbewildxhavefun answered: check out marc by marc jacobs friendship bracelets on or theyre pretty low key
  5. likeanewb0rn said: Asos has cool stuff
  6. imjusthorny said: Skeleton watch! Its like a see through watch. So fashionable. Really good prices ones on overstock.
  7. mr-jerk-off answered: I like a lot of the things on Jackthreads. Cheap, too.
  8. giveitupandgetdown said: Miansai! Check them out
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