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Photo 45I am a 26-year-old dude who likes dudes.
And these dudes make me hard.
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Established: April 7, 2011
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I want him.

I want him.

I’ll get on my hands and knees for that cock in a heartbeat.

I’ll get on my hands and knees for that cock in a heartbeat.

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Me likey.

And btw - I’ve been back on Snapchat today. The name’s still Bonermakers. Say hi ;)

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Suck it. I’ll fuck you. Then suck it again.

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Help me?

I’ve been on Grindr. Scruff. Adam4Adam. Jack’d. OkCupid.

I want to meet a guy.

Not to fuck, not to blow. But to actually be in a relationship with.

And I’m not a big bar/club/scene guy, nor do I really have the time for that.

So, bloggers and followers and fans, I seek advice from you. Where can I meet a decent guy? I need some advice.

Thanks boys.